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Monthly Archives: June 2022

  1. What type of heavy punching bag should I buy?

    Heavy punching bag

    The essence of boxing training allows you to work on various aspects of boxing techniques, including punching power, hooks, straight punches, uppercuts, and overhands. All these techniques one can learn through incredibly intense bag work due to boxing and kicking significant muscles in your body during intense training drills.

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  2. Boxing skills and golden rules of boxing

    roles of boxing

    Boxing is an incredible workout that is challenging in various capacities, so it has become increasingly popular over the years. It has incredible benefits like burning fats, improving the cardiovascular system, and caters to all fitness levels. Boxing is the world's oldest and most beloved combat sport for various reasons.

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  3. What protective gear do you need for boxing?

    Protective gear

    Boxing is one of the most popular martial arts practiced worldwide. Boxing is a great way to stay in shape while getting some combative skills. For any contact sport, protection is significant, especially for training and fighting in boxing. Due to the physical intensity of this sport, one must get the best boxing protective gear to be well-prepared before getting started. 

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  4. How do you choose a Martial Arts Uniform when the weight ratio is much higher than height?

    Choose a martial arts uniforms

    While finding a martial arts uniform, one must understand the sizing as part of your need. A right gi softens with constant wear, and you feel comfortable after numerous training sessions. Most martial artists know that a uniform is an essential part of boxing training among martial arts gear. Usually, gi comes in different fabrics along with varying fabric weights. Gi also comes in several colors that depend on the student's experience level and training requirements. One must learn about various martial arts uniforms to make an informed purchase. 

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  5. How can a boxer increase stamina to give more hard punches?

    How can a boxer increase stamina

    Boxing is a trendy workout during the practice of combat sports and a great way to deal with anger and emotions. Excellent exercise if you want to stay fit and build your stamina and strength to succeed at boxing. The sport of boxing is “the sweet science” and the art of hitting while not getting hit. Some essential boxing equipment to train well and drills to increase punching power are MMA heavy bag gloves, boxing punching bags, and boxing bags. 

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  6. Adidas MMA Gloves vs. Starpro MMA Gloves – Quality and Price comparison

    Adidas MMA Gloves vs Starpro Gloves

    Many trainers believe that one set of gloves for training is not enough, so they use different types of gloves according to the kind of training they need. Always remember to choose your gloves according to your skill level and choose wisely MMA fighting gloves to stay protected. 

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