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Monthly Archives: July 2022

  1. Is uppercut and backhand allowed in boxing?

    Uppercut and backhand

    Boxing has many rules to make the sport fair, safe and competitive for fighters. Boxing is such a dangerous combat sport so we need proper boxing rules to control the match. But one must follow a few rules which are extremely important and avoid illegal moves in boxing.

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  2. How do you calm your nerves before a boxing match?

    Calm your nerves

    Usually, every fighter, whether are world champion or a beginner, must go through pre-fight nerves. Such feelings occur due to adrenaline that pumps around the body causing various stages of intensity. The feelings of calm and confidence are the things that one cannot attain overnight, it comes with years of practice with proper boxing gear and boxing gear to ensure safety.   

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  3. Karate vs. Judo Safety: Which Is More Dangerous?

    Karate vs Judo

    Martial art is fun to learn as people learn how to defend themselves but there are some risks alongside. However, to practice karate and judo, one should wear Karate gi and Judo gi to ensure safety. Learning martial arts is one of the hobbies to improve fighting skills and enhance various areas including discipline, physical health, humility, and much more. But the major component of martial arts is learning “self-defense”. 

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  4. Starpro vs. Title boxing gloves in 2022

    Starpro vs Title boxing gloves

    To the casual observer, all boxing gloves look alike, but professionals understand that fighters need the right pair of boxing gloves. Choosing a proper pair of gloves can be overwhelming due to the numerous combat brands out there on the market. One must focus on various aspects before making any decision, prioritize the pair that does not strain your hands or harm your wrists as safety is the fundamental demand.  

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  5. UFC Reach: What does Anthony Joshua reach?

    UFC Reach

    Anthony Joshua is a two-time unified heavyweight champion and has proven his worth over so many years. He has all heavy power, movement, humility, and footwork as ingredients for his incredible performance throughout his tenure. Indeed, an extremely smart athlete in terms of combining his height and reach advantage and then planning the overall game accordingly. 

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  6. Top 10 Greatest Boxing fighters of all time (Ranked 2022)

    Greatest boxing fighters of all time

    Boxing is of the most historic and popular sports of all time. However, Boxing is a sport in which two people make contact with strength, speed, reflexes, and endurance while throwing punches. Indeed, it is one of the highest-paying and challenging sports so remember to ensure safety and use quality boxing equipment. 

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