grappling and sparring gloves

Mixed Martial Arts combines different arts and fighting techniques, including Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Karate, Wrestling, etc. However, MMA is quite an intolerant game, so one should use proper equipment to ensure safety and protection while working out. Practitioners usually wear MMA gloves to offer performance during training sessions. In addition, grappling gloves and Sparring gloves come with protecting knuckles and hands during a competition. The combat gear manufacturers design these gloves to support the wrists and add some extra strength to the fists. 

It is essential to get the right gear to protect yourself, especially your hands, while having the grappling ability while moving around unrestricted. MMA gloves prevent your hands from injury during intense training sessions and competitions. Such gloves improve the chances of gripping, completing challenging moves, and enhancing performance. Boxing gloves or MMA gloves are essential for safe training so dig deeper to make the right decision. There are numerous gloves for MMA fighters depending on the type of training or competition. 

Types of MMA Gloves

Every kind of MMA glove serves a specific purpose. 

Grappling Gloves

The grappling gloves enhance finger movement to train well, along with some padding over each knuckle and finger. Adequate padding offers protection to your sparring partner, so it is much better for grappling. However, these gloves are best suited to practice grappling and clenching. 

Sparring Gloves 

The Sparring gloves are used for practicing your striking. Therefore, they come with extra padding to protect your hands and your sparring partners while punching. Typically, these gloves weigh around 6-7 oz. There is a single large pad over the knuckles and fingers. Sparring gloves are similar to boxing gloves as they have a tight grip while punching. But the difference is gloves are fingerless, which makes them better than traditional gloves. Moreover, these gloves are ideal for striking accuracy and technique even during long, intense sessions. 

Competition Gloves

The competition gloves come with less padding and weigh around 4oz. Usually, the weight depends on the competition rules. The finger slots are there for unrestricted movement, and the flexibility of fingers in competition gloves is more than in sparring gloves. This feature will be more effective during grappling moves. On the other hand, one must wear hand wraps during competition to ensure protection, as competition gloves have very little or no padding. 

Benefits of gloves

Gloves are essential to protect hands and knuckles along with the ability to grapple without any hindrance. 

Free Movement 

Mixed Martial Arts use various boxing techniques; although both sports are entirely different, the same gear won't work for both. MMA fighters adopt multiple positions, so they need gloves that ensure protection during movement. 

Boxing gloves cover the entire hand, knuckles, and fingers to ensure protection, but they will not allow you to grapple or wrestle. Additionally, these gloves are heavier due to extra padding, and weight reduces movement. MMA gloves do not resist movement due to less padding and free movement. 


The purpose of practice is Mixed Martial Arts, and MMA fighters use different gloves for sparring, competition, and working with heavy bags. While practicing sparring, you need a partner that is usually a coach or teammate, so without some padding, any wrong move can cause injury to him. 

In contrast, while punching on a heavy bag, you do not need much padding for the protective covering of hands and fingers. Therefore, you need to add more protection during sparring to cover thin bones and the object. During the competition, the goal is to beat your opponent with the impact of each hit to cause damage. The suitable gloves allow any fighter to hit the opponent hard; that should be enough to win without causing severe damage. 

Innovative Designs

If anyone is looking for training, sparring, or heading into the competition, two different palm designs come with potential advantages. One can choose any option that suits best their style

  • Open-palm style is more breathable and traditional, with adjustable wrist straps to hold the gloves in place.
  • Perforated palms give airflow and act as a regular glove.


Mixed Martial Arts involves fast reflexes and movements with bare minimum protective gear. They design Sparring gloves and Grappling gloves in a way to protect hands and knuckles. 

Variety of sizes 

One must invest in MMA gloves and work on getting the right size for the best performance. After achieving the right thickness, design, and purpose, the next step is to get the right overall fit. Typically, MMA gloves come in small, medium, and large sizes, and some are even available in extra-large sizes. One must get the size that fits well as it will give an advantage in the long run. 

Too big gloves make it hard to move your hands and lead to injuries in protection-lacking areas. Furthermore, too small sizes also restrict movements, cause circulation problems, and damage to hands. 

A Final Note: 

Choosing the wrong style or cheap MMA gear can increase the chances of injuries, and you have to pay costs in the long run. However, choosing suitable MMA gloves for sparring, competition, and heavy bag work will make you grapple with your opponent quickly. Every fighter has their own merits depending on their demands. Always opt for the option that values the money, whereas glove material and padding are a personal preference. 

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