How can a boxer increase stamina

Boxing is a trendy workout during the practice of combat sports and a great way to deal with anger and emotions. Excellent exercise if you want to stay fit and build your stamina and strength to succeed at boxing. The sport of boxing is “the sweet science” and the art of hitting while not getting hit. Some essential boxing equipment to train well and drills to increase punching power are MMA heavy bag gloves, boxing punching bags, and boxing bags. 

During boxing practice, getting hit is inevitable, so one must be powerful to block and parry shots along with landing solid punches. Boxing training involves various techniques, especially contact points, strengthening different body parts. The fundamental aspect of boxing is to absorb the shots like a pro and train yourself to take and land hard punches. To sum up, before learning to cross and jab like a pro, one must focus on training and improving your strength and endurance. 

There are numerous ways to build stamina for boxing and scoring exciting knockouts. 

Work the boxing punching bag.

One of the essential tools is to increase punching power by practicing on boxing bags. It would be the best way to unload the most potent punches on an object during intense training drills. One must practice combinations to hit hard as one can, so the fighter will learn to execute straights, hooks, and uppercuts with strength. 

Set up boxing rounds that vary in strength and speed and hit the bag with MMA heavy bag gloves for at least ten minutes. After this tenure, take a one-minute rest and start again. One more workout routine is hitting the bag fast during the last thirty seconds while beginning with a steady pace and speeding up when 30 seconds are left to end the workout. Meanwhile, start hitting the bag non-stop with straight and fast punches. Focus on speed and aim the punches at eye level, which will help to improve cardio and endurance. 

Make sure to pay close attention to proper techniques to help throw punches with optimal force. Punching a bag will work on your upper body flexibility and muscle group while staying in a reasonable range. Indeed, a heavy bag is a great tool to improve your punching power. 

 Medicine ball throw 

A medicine ball is an essential tool in boxing that enhances punching power, and there are two ways to perform this workout exercise:

  • In the first place, any fighter lies flat on their back and picks up the heavy medicine ball by using both hands and throwing it high while pushing forward from the chest. One must catch the ball with both hands and repeat it.
  • Secondly, the fighter picks a medium-weight medicine ball and stands upright in a fighting stance. Meanwhile, use one hand, take the ball into your palm and push forward as hard as one can, throwing the ball to your partner and throwing it back to you, the way throwing a punch.

These methods are best for the explosiveness in your arms and increase the power generated by punching muscle fibers to throw as much power as you can. 

 Slam the core

A strong midsection is essential in boxing, so one must be engaged in core exercises during training. Crunches are the best way to start while working on your abs as much as possible. Develop every muscle you rely on a thick layer of protection and keep your essential parts well-defended. Excellent core strength makes a fighter less prone to deal with the external force and take shots to the body. 

 Plyometric push-ups

Plyometric or jump training is a kind of workout in which muscles exert maximum effort and force to increase power and speed. It will increase your punching power smoothly. One must start in a standard push-up position and dip down next, but as you come back up, explode so that hands lift off the ground. 

This exercise trains arms, shoulders, and pectoral strength increasing your punching power. Keep your core and glutes tight throughout performing even slight variants. That includes clapping against the chest or positioning yourself with knees touching the floor and working way up to gain enough strength and power along with explosiveness. 


One of the best training drills to enhance punching power is shadowboxing, as it ensures focus on technique with proper execution of power. Usually, fighters focus on increasing power rather than learning technique. Shadowboxing will teach you proper techniques that will eventually help to train strength, which is an integral part of the training routine. 

One must spend at least 3-5 rounds every session for the best results while practicing shadow boxing. Stand in front of a mirror and shadowbox; this way, you can pay close attention to the technique of throwing punches and adjust accordingly. 

 The final note: 

After practicing well on strength and technique to last powerful punches, stamina to give more hard punches will increase. Stick to training, get in the ring, get hit, last punches, stay relaxed, and focus on the fight to enjoy increased stamina and endurance while boxing. The training needs a lot of effort and dedication, along with proper boxing equipment to ensure safety. Check here for the best MMA heavy bag gloves, boxing bags, and boxing punching bags. Starpro combat comes with quality boxing gear without breaking your bank.