tie your BJJ Gi belt

BJJ Gi is a heavily stitched cotton uniform that practitioners wear during training sessions or competitions. Wearing Martial Arts Suits reminds the practitioner that the practice place is different; he is here to learn with enhanced physical, mental and spiritual aspects. In BJJ, a belt symbolizes any fighter's rank, progress, and insight. But one should not consider it a symbol but have the practical purpose of holding a Jiu-Jitsu uniform to perform well. In grappling arts, belts usually get undone regularly, so tie the belt in a way that it should not look awkward. 

How to tie a Jiu-Jitsu belt? 

When we understand the importance of wearing Martial Arts Uniforms, there comes a BJJ belt that shows how to tie it with accuracy. There are a few distinct methods for tying a BJJ belt. 

The primary method to tie a BJJ Gi belt 

This method of tying belts is widespread among martial arts practitioners. Typically, It starts when you are supposed to place the belt below the navel; therefore, both ends pass behind. Behind the back, both ends crossed and passed around and met again in front. So, both ends must be the same length. 

In the next step, fold the right strand over the left one and loop it under every belt layer from bottom to top. Subsequently, tucking the bottom strand over the top, a knot is created. 

The Usual Way

BJJ Gi belt is among martial arts gear; to tie it in a usual way, one must close the jacket. Put the belt on your stomach, wrap it behind you, and pass each end off to the opposite hand. At the same time, both straps end coming around from behind and lay one end across the stomach and the other many over. 

Take the length from the front and loop under it and everything from below. This way, you will end up with one end of the belt hanging down whereas another lot going up. One must take the down end and fold it over in front. 

BJJ way to tie a belt 

This method of tying belts, particularly for BJJ, is pretty famous and competitors often utilize it. Such a method offers the tightest tie that is hard to undo and best for competitors. It is the looping process that is different. First, check the middle of the belt, and both ends are passed around and back to the front. 

The left side is crossed over to the right and pulled under all belt layers. The right side passes through the first layer of the BJJ Gi belt towards the left but make sure that it is not completely tight. 

Such a method will form a loop for the bottom side to go through, and then tightening will make the tightest knot that is best for BJJ competitions. 

The Gracie Way 

The most insecure method is the way Gracie's tied their belts. The initial steps are the same as the belt passes through the front again. While creating the knot, the ends are not looped through the layers of the belt but tied directly in front.

Unbreakable Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Belt knot

The most exciting way to tie a Jiu-Jitsu belt is through an unbreakable knot. Typically, it is a standard granny knot and belt got its impossible to break shape and hold the Gi in BJJ. To start, try a granny knot at the end of a belt to go around your waist while bringing both ends together. 

It is a method to tie a water knot and then adjust the belt a few times to make Gi not slip. 

The Deluxe Way 

During this method, start placing one end of your belt in the middle of the lower back. Wrap the whole length of the belt around yourself. A shorter length sticks out from one hip, and another end will be underneath this at your lower back. Take the end and loop it under the wrapped belt around the waist. 

Again, reach back and untuck the end of the belt and pull it out in your hands, one end going up and another lot going down from the place they cross. In the further step, take the down end, loop it over, and thread it between the layers wrapped around your waist while keeping it loose. Take the up back and put it through the loop and the layers of your belt. After making a slight adjustment, pull it tighter. 

This knot will stay flat to the stomach, and both ends will face downwards. It remains tied for more extended and would not be free around. 

A Final Note: 

It is appropriate to buy yourself proper Martial Arts gear, including martial arts suits and belts. Tying your BJJ Gi belt clean will teach you something valuable and as crucial as BJJ techniques. Check here for practical and comfortable Martial Arts Uniforms and then practice drills of tying your belt.