Train with MMA Glove or Boxing Glove

The essential part of training for combat sports is having one or two reliable pairs of boxing gloves or MMA gloves. The most focused and famous equipment for combat sports or mixed martial arts is “the gloves.” However, there are various gloves options on the market, but you must be concerned about their safety. 

Although boxing and MMA both are fight sports but use different rules and conventions, even the design of equipment that fighters wear, in terms of boxing, fighters solely focus on using their hands, while in MMA, fighters use their entire body. Whereas MMA gloves usually range from 4-to 6 ounces and the size of boxing gloves from 8 to 20 ounces in weight with a different core system. Typically, the significant difference between these gloves is that they are explicitly made for striking for boxing, while for MMA, they facilitate grappling. 


Gloves for boxing have little heavy padding with soft material, whereas gloves for MMA are thin and less padded. We measure regular gloves for boxing in ounces, and due to significant padding, they are higher in weight, and it increases consistently by adding more padding. 

Different brands distribute padding in various models of boxing pairs, and due to more padding, they are more extensive. Typically, fighters use 10oz gloves during boxing matches, while during sparring, they use bulkier and softer 16oz gloves. Heavy padding all over the sides of gloves makes them safe and more accessible to block strikes. 

On the other hand, gloves for MMA come with much less padding, so they are much lighter. The standard competition gloves weigh only 4oz, and 7-8oz gloves are for sparring and amateur competitions. Padding is usually found only on knuckles. Such a pair of gloves come with open fingers design that effectively grabs and grapples. 

Fingers enclosure

The significant difference between these two gloves is the finger enclosure. The gloves for boxing encompass the whole hands and keep the entire hand in a fixed position. Typically, the fingers are in the main padded area of gloves, and the thumb has its own separate space whether these are cheap boxing gloves. One can squeeze the fist tight during natural movement and keep it loose when there is no tension needed. 

MMA pair of gloves keep the fingers separate and leave finger parts exposed. This design will help grab and grapple as it needs freedom of movement. 

Hand wraps 

All of the disciplines use hand wraps under the gloves. If the wraps are done correctly, they will hold all 27 bones and tissues in the hands and reduce the risk of injury. Hand wraps bind the punch in a single robust unit and reduce the chances of damage. Usually, boxers use hand wraps to protect their wrists, knuckles, and forearms to reduce the risk of punches. 

Both gloves have different inside spaces, so one cannot use the same wrapping techniques. For the MMA, the gloves are too small that not easily accommodate much wrapping material, but regular fabric wraps one can use in daily practice. Such gloves are more compact, with little space between the hand and the glove itself. 


Both gloves are usually made from the same material, and the best quality is always genuine leather. But for cost control and environmental health, synthetic leather is catching up with cheap boxing gloves and Mixed martial arts gloves from different types of vinyl. 

Manufacturers try finding the best ways to keep the gloves in their hands, as MMA gloves come with Velcro fastening. Professional boxing gloves come with laces to provide a better fit for the hand, but usually, gloves for boxing have Velcro. 

Boxing gloves  

In boxing, fighters need cushioned gloves, which are bulkier and relatively more significant. The design will make you deal with the pressure on the knuckles. There is no need to grapple in boxing; more padding will make your punches safer. Fighters usually use 10 or 8 oz gloves during contests, while there are 16oz gloves for sparring. 

Bag gloves

Manufacturers have designed the most suitable gloves, but trainers do not recommend these gloves for boxing training, especially for boxing. 

Sparring gloves

Such gloves protect both athletes during sparring, and the primary purpose is support. There are a variety of sizes ranging from 4 to 20oz for various sparring techniques. 

Competition gloves 

Sparring gloves come in a design with the official competition standards in international boxing. However, there is less padding than other types of boxing gloves. 

Lace-up gloves 

Boxing professionals typically use lace-up gloves during training sessions or competitions. 

MMA gloves 

As MMA gloves come with less padding but stay tough and in place. It comes with a Velcro strap on the wrists and individual fingers but is an ideal level of protection. Even the smaller size is a benefit that helps in grappling. 

Competition gloves

Such gloves usually provide padding on the knuckles and weigh just 4oz. 

Sparring gloves 

Training and sparring gloves come in various designs, but they are nearly double the size and pad the thumb partially. 


If we compare Boxing and MMA gloves, Boxing gloves are not that better than MMA gloves despite looking safer. Where the pair of gloves cushion the hit, it damages the brain more. However, the bare-knuckle fist carries more force rather than wearing any pair of gloves. Check out Starpro combat for premium quality gloves, including Boxing gloves and MMA gloves, which are more resilient and reduce the risk of injury.