What are the 3 different types of kicks used in kickboxing?

Kickboxing is one of the best workouts in this contemporary world. One can get all the benefits of a full-body workout by adding some kicks. The basic kick techniques make the foundation for all kickboxing moves. Kicks are the long-range weapons of kickboxing. One can easily start kickboxing by familiarizing yourself with the effective kicks during training. 

What is kickboxing? 

Kickboxing is a striking style that incorporates punches and kicks, a term that comes with a wide range of combat and martial arts styles. A stand-up fighting style that focuses on striking and there is no ground fighting involved. The range of the techniques while kickboxing depends on any individual type of kickboxing style. But most of the kickboxing styles involve elbow strikes, grappling, and headbutts. 

Many mixed martial arts take up kickboxing as a striking base for effectiveness. Moreover, it is best for fitness, weight loss, and self-defense. 

Types of kicks used in kickboxing

Although the number of kicks in kickboxing is debatable there are three main types of kicks. 

Side Kick or Lead Kick

To perform a lead kick, bend your lead leg at the knee, and kick straight with a 90-degree angle, shifting your center of gravity over the rear leg. Practice these motions slowly, bend your leg up and strike out, by making balance and generating power by the rear leg and core. Eventually, try to hit the bag with the shin while keeping your hands high and tight to your chest and face wearing?boxing training gloves. After practicing slowly and then speeding up the movement. Learn to strike swiftly with a lead kick and then return to the starting position. 

Turning kick or Rear Kick

To perform this kick, bend the rear leg at the knee and shift the center of gravity over the lead leg. Use your core and focus the entire body on the lead leg, swinging the rear leg to hit the bag at a 90-degree angle. While throwing a kick, rotate your hip so that your shin seizes the bag instead of hitting with the side of your calf. Try to hit the bag with the shin while keeping your hands high and tight to the chest and face. Practice this moment slowly by bending your leg up, and then striking and learning to strike swiftly with a rear kick. In the end, return to your starting position. 

Hook Kick

One can practice hook kicking with boxing gloves on, bending the lead leg at the knee, and swinging to kick slightly above the center of the bag. While shifting the center of gravity over the rear leg. However, a lead kick is designed to strike an opponent at the center of the mass, that is mostly the abdomen or main part of the body. But the hook kick strikes the opponent in the chest. 

Practice this kick slowly and speed up the movement by bending your leg up, leaning back, and striking, while relying on your core to provide balance and precision to throw. Start slowly and then speed up the movement until you learn to strike swiftly. 

Boxing and Kickboxing

Kicking is not allowed in competitive boxing. For practicing boxing, you need boxing gear like Boxing gloves,?MMA gloves, and boxing training gloves. Boxing training solely focuses on punching and kickboxing includes punching and kicking. However, you need boxing gloves even in kickboxing as it is a combination of punches and kicks in a proper sequence. 

Is kicking better than punching? 

When we talk about kicking and punching, neither one is better than the other. However, both are very different moves. But by learning both of these techniques, one can have a variety of tools to apply. Combining both of these techniques could be very effective to take an opponent down. 

Kickboxing vs. Boxing

Kickboxing is heavily influenced by boxing but both combat sports are entirely different. There is a wide range of techniques in kickboxing as kicks and knees make kickboxing a completely dynamic style. Kickboxing comes with more techniques to learn and box but both use boxing gloves to practice. 

However, footwork is fundamental for both sports but in street fighting boxing can have more advantages over kicking. To sum up, kickboxing has become the more all-rounder striking base for the mixed martial arts while being a complete exercise regime. 

Benefits of Kickboxing: 

There are various benefits of kickboxing workouts other than training kickboxing. 


Kickboxing is an ideal exercise if you want to get fitter and stronger. Furthermore, Kickboxing training is a full-body workout while wearing boxing training gloves. It has both qualities of being cardio and muscular intensive. 

Weight Loss:

Kickboxing workouts may burn up to 1000 calories in each session. Indeed, it is a great addition to weight loss plans along with a balanced diet and regular kickboxing training makes it more effective. 


While kickboxing, anyone is learning combat skills effectively. It is famous for all-round fighting styles, having both long-range and short-range striking techniques. It covers both offensive and defensive movements and makes you learn that how to fight is a life skill. 

Stress Relief:

Besides fitness improvement, kickboxing gives you mental and psychological benefits. It is an intensive exercise that triggers positive feelings as a result of endorphin secretion. While being connected to the nervous system helps in stress management and improves sleep quality. 

Builds Confidence:

Self-confidence naturally improves when you look fitter and better, seeing improvements over time. In addition, knowing how to protect yourself with self-defense skills will help to improve confidence. 

Concluded Note: 

Kickboxing is an enjoyable experience while using the kicks to intensify the workout. It is always a good idea to familiarize the beginners with basic kicks to attempt further advanced moves. After practicing the above-mentioned basic kicks, you will be able to follow any kickboxing workout even at home. Although a great way to work out at home, never overlook protection and use protective gear like Boxing Gloves, MMA Gloves, and boxing training gloves to ensure safety. Check out StarPro Combat with premium quality equipment for training boxing and kickboxing including boxing gloves