Sports Black Friday deals 2021: Karate, Judo, BJJ Uniforms 50% Off Sale

Are you into martial arts? Have you been on the hunt for the perfect Gi? Your child needing a uniform for their martial arts classes? Tired of the old sweat stained kit? Then we’ve got great news for you! With Starpro’s Black Friday deals this fall, you can get up to 50% off with this sale on our premium Karate, Judo and BJJ uniforms.

Let’s give you a quick rundown of what’s on sale:

If you or your child have just begun your Karate classes or even if you’re a seasoned Karateka, Starpro’s offering a premium Karate kit at nearly 50% off this Black Friday. Make use of this sale to acquire a beautiful Pearl white, durable, lightweight and breathable gi at half the price! Pair your gi with our FL300 Super Karate Fleece Belt to turn up to your next session at the dojo looking and feeling better than the rest.

Next up, we’ve got two different Judo kits up for grabs. Let’s kick off with the lighter weight 250G Judo kit that comes with a free white belt for your convenience. This gi just like the slightly heavier 350G Judo kit is available in sizes for both children and adults, and two colors, Brilliant white or blue. Starpro’s Judo kits are lightweight which allow you to remain flexible whilst grappling on the mat with your opponent and extremely durable, you needn’t worry about tears with these kits! Take advantage of these Black Friday deals and score yourself some of the most premium kits on the market.

Now let’s take a look at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi on offer from Starpro. You won’t have to worry about shrinkage with this pearl woven preshrunk BJJ gi, lightweight and durable as all our kits are, you won’t be needing any replacements for a long time. Available in sizes A0 through to A5 and in colors, white, blue and black. With this Black Friday deal, steal the best gi and find yourself improving on the mats and ranking up your belts.

Sizing charts are available for each uniform so you can, with utmost ease, choose the kit that would fit you or your child best.

Other than martial arts uniforms, Starpro’s Black Friday deals include boxing gloves, coaching mitts, headguards, MMA gloves, and so much more. Head over here and get the best combat sports gear at, we reiterate, up to 50% off! Happy shopping!