7 Best Boxing Workouts for Beginners Weight Loss at Home

Working out at home can be the solution to a lot of problems: it rules out extra commute time, gym closure, and class fees, while giving you the comfort and convenience you need for a proper sweat sesh.

If you’re looking to prioritise losing weight and getting fitter, why not try a home workout? In terms of healthy and consistent fat loss, boxing may be one of the best methods out there.

It works on tone and muscle maintenance while also keeping in mind balance, flexibility and sharpness. Sounds too good to be true?

It’s not, we assure you. With the right home workouts and boxing equipment, you’ll be well on your way to your goal weight in no time:    

Kickbox it up 

Get moving and get a full body workout with this kickboxing challenge. This simple drill is easy to follow and execute, and at 15 minutes, you can perform it as circuits. If you want to up the ante further, invest in a good bag. It’ll make all the difference. Kickboxing is a great mix of both upper and lower body work, and helps improve flexibility. It can also burn about 700 calories an hour, making it a very efficient way to lose weight. 

Tone up 


This 30-minute at-home boxing workout mixes plyometrics, core work, and boxing moves for a workout that’s all about toning and cardio. Score some fun hand wraps like these to keep your hands protected during all the floor moves and start burning those calories. 

Build Muscle 

Adding lean muscle to your body is a definite way to get your body burning more calories even just sitting around, because you’re increasing your metabolic rate. Adding small weights to shadowboxing moves can really work each and every muscle; keeping your core engaged while you do so will mean strength gains and fat loss. Stick to lighter weights and slower movements to perfect your form, and put on some hand wraps to keep those hands in fighting shape. 

Get moving 

This 25-minute cardio and boxing workout will take you through six heavy circuits of boxing work and conditioning moves. If you want to dial up the effects, add some weight to your hands. Light boxing gloves like these should do the trick: trust us, they may seem light, but the weight makes a different when you’re hitting consistently. So this’ll really work those arms and shoulders. 

Hit that bag 

Build muscle and burn fat simultaneously with a bag workout: it gives you the resistance you need to get those muscles going, as well as burning approximately 600 calories an hour. There’s a whole range of bags you can choose from for your home too. We recommend a heavy bag for this kind of workout.  If you want to branch out into a bag that moves around like a real opponent, give a double end bag a go.  


Why not get some real boxing training in and sharpen those moves while losing weight at the same time? Shadow boxing is great for that: think of it as a boxing match without the opponent. This half-hour long video combines cardio and resistance for a fun, dynamic workout that’ll have you sweating. Bonus: you’ll be learning lots too, and your boxing will be all the better for it.  

Train like a champ 

Jumping rope is one of the best kept secrets of the boxing world to get the physique of a fighter and to slim down fast. The added pros of this is to sharpen reflexes and perfect a fighter’s balance – great benefits whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist. In this video, Olympic medalist boxer Tony Jeffries takes you all the way through beginner to advanced skipping specifically for boxers. This is the kind of boxer workout you need to burn those calories. 

With these boxing workouts for beginners, weight loss will be easy, fun, and most importantly, healthy. With your savings on gym fees, try investing in good equipment for a home set-up that’s safe and effective. Check out some great equipment here