7 Boxing Workouts That You Can Do at Home

The ongoing global pandemic, many of us are uncomfortable heading out to the local gym. While it may be hard to get used to the new normal, it doesn’t mean your health has to suffer.

A lot of what you may be missing out at the gym is actually achievable at home, and you don’t need to be a pro boxer to make it happen. We’ve compiled some drills that even advanced boxers can get behind; the best part is, you can do them anywhere.


To start any workout, it’s crucial warm-up and get your blood flowing. Our go-to warm-up is a simple 10-minute circuit consisting of 5 of sit-ups. 5 push-ups, light skipping for 5 minutes and stretches. After this little routine your mind and body will be ready for some more intense work.


The Beginner Boxing Workout

When you’re starting out, shadow boxing is the way to go: it allows you to work on hand-eye coordination and speed, while also helping perfect your stance and form. This keeps you from getting injured due to bad form, which is a risk a lot of beginner fighters face. Even if you’re not a fighter, make use of basic boxing moves like jabs and crosses to work up a sweat and get a good workout session in.

The Cardio Workout

If you want to get your heart rate up while utilizing boxing moves, this one’s for you. It uses boxing positions like twisting at the waist as well as footwork and punches to combine boxing’s toning capabilities with a fast-paced blood-pumping workout to make you sweat. Punch and kick your way through this for better circulation and to build up your stamina. This workout utilizes small dumbbells but if you don’t have those, try water bottles instead.

The Fat-Burning Workout

If you’re trying out boxing for its fat-burning benefits, or trying to cut down for your next weigh in, this workout is definitely going to help. Boxing is already quite the calorie killer; add in kicks and you can lose up to 796 calories an hour. This workout includes a quick cardio warm-up where you work your way into kickboxing interval training so it’s a great way to practice your hooks and uppercuts.

The Bag Workout

If you’re lucky enough to have a heavy bag or speed bag at home then you can utilise it for more workout combinations that you can think of. Bag workouts add the resistance you need for building muscle: think of them as a shadow opponent and they can be a fantastic stress-busting tool as well. This workout makes use of HIIT boxing combinations and killer legwork for explosive full-body training.

The Kickboxing Workout

Want to change up from basic boxing moves? Upgrade your workout at home with kickboxing. It’s a full-body experience that lets you work on multiple muscle groups and increases calorie-burning as well. This circuit is makes use of kickboxing moves and is great for beginners. Plus, it can be done anywhere – all you need is a mat.

The Fighter’s Workout

This one is for when you want to up your fighting game: if you want to increase your punch speed and endurance, these solo boxing drills are the way to go. It needs no equipment, and makes use of sprints, pushups and footwork to tone you up and get you going. It’s also a great way to freshen up home workouts for those who want a little challenge.

The Shadowboxing Workout

Footwork and punches really add up: these moves might not seem as high-impact as squats or pushups but they are a cardio and conditioning dream. Engage multiple muscle groups and learn correct form with this workout – it’ll definitely keep you on your toes. For a half-hour workout, this one is a winner in the fat-loss department as well as in terms of practicing your boxing moves.