care for your boxing equipment

Boxing is becoming the most popular sport worldwide, so boxing equipment is the most in-demand. Additionally, boxing is a dangerous game; that's why any practitioner must need boxing protective gear to ensure safety. If anybody wants to get a lot of life out of their boxing gear, they must care well for it. 

Regular training can affect your gear badly, so one must take appropriate measures to keep it clean and long-lasting. However, boxing gloves are the most critical and expensive part of your boxing gear. The right pair of gloves will make your punches feel faster and better during training drills. Taking care of your boxing equipment is essential to your boxing practice. A well-maintained pair of professional boxing gloves can contribute to the well-being and performance of any fighter. Properly maintained boxing equipment will make you stay healthier and perform better. 

Treating your useable equipment is a great mindset and prevents any early tears or unnecessary smells. 

Hand wraps

Hand wraps protect the small bones of hands and connective tissues while keeping wrists and hands impact free. Wash your wraps regularly and support them to thoroughly dry before putting them in your gym bag to avoid any stinky smell. Wear a pair of hand wraps under your boxing gloves that will soak up excess sweat and protect the inside of your gloves. Typically, wraps are the first line of defense to keep your gloves last longer. 

Boxing Gloves

When you're done with your practice and using your gloves, wipe off excessive sweat, dirt, or any oil on the surface. In addition, allow them to dry at average temperature in an open space away from any direct heat source. Make sure to give your gloves breathing room in an open environment to cut down the bacteria build-up by letting the air dry. 

Please do not put the stuff in your humid gym bag; keep it in a cool place and put it in a bag when you head to your gym. However, air drying is not enough to dry inside your gloves, so you must stuff some odor absorbents, baking soda, small bags of cedar, and crumbled-up balls of newspapers. It will soak excessive sweat while keeping the professional boxing gloves fresh. In addition, it is quite beneficial if you use a mild lubricant or any leather cleaner if the pair of gloves are made of leather. 

After any training session, please do not keep the gloves in your gym bag; instead, hang them while opening up all straps, and Velcro put them in a well-ventilated area. 

Mouth Guard

There could be a lot of spit, sweat, and blood on your mouth guard to dry up. If you keep your mouthguard in your boxing bag without cleaning, there would be a lot of accumulation of bacteria, so ensure to clean it properly. 

Rinse the guard after every training session and try to do it as soon as possible. One can use a separate toothbrush to clean their mouthguard and non-whitening toothpaste. Various sprays are also available in the market with several flavors to keep your mouth guards fresh and clean. 


The head guard is another essential part of boxing protective gear one should take care of. However, there is no need for cleaning practice every day but perform the cleaning twice a week to protect your equipment. 

Hang your head guard in a well-ventilated area, then dry it completely and place it in front of a fan. Use any dump cloth or antibacterial wipes to clean the guard and get any leather cleaning product. Wipe every corner of the headguard with a mixture of vinegar or apple cider but do not use any chemicals or detergents. 

Moreover, do not put your head guard directly in sunlight to dry or close to any heat source. 


Taking care of your skin is very important, especially the areas that contact the boxing equipment. If you are facing any issue of sweating a lot, always keep a towel or extra shirt with you during intense training sessions. Dry out the sweating surface of the gear with a towel that will save your equipment from every bit of sweat or blood. 

 A Final Note: 

Good boxing equipment will go on a journey with you so take care of every piece of equipment you need to train. However, your body is the leading equipment, but other boxing protective gear also requires determination and perseverance. 

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