Combat Sports Black Friday deals 2021: Boxing, MMA, Martial Arts

Who doesn’t love a sale? With Black Friday upon us, it’s time to get right in and make the most of the best deals online and in-store. With Starpro’s combat sports Black Friday deals this fall you can get up to 50% off on the best combat gear on the market! Whether it’s boxing you fancy or mixed martial arts we’ve got everything you need.

Boxing Gloves & Mitts

The M33 Dynamic Boxing Gloves are now available in four different colors. If you've been admiring these exquisite gloves for a while and want them on a discount, nay, a bargain, now's your chance! Now's your opportunity to shine! Take advantage of our Black Friday savings of up to 50% off and upgrade your boxing gear! Combine these with the M33 Coaching mitts and the M33 headguard for a complete set at the lowest price it’s ever been!

The C20 Training Gloves are the ones for you if you've been on the lookout for sturdy and versatile gloves that will do the job for boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA and everything in between! These stunning black and white pseudo leather gloves come in both men's and women's sizes and are perfect for sparring and heavy bag workouts. To get the entire training experience with this series of gloves, take advantage of the Black Friday specials and grab the C20 Coaching pad to go with them.                                                                                                                                     

We have something for everyone with our unisex T-20 Tech adult and kids training gloves, which come in a wide selection of vivid colors and sizes. Now these are some showboating gloves! Take advantage of our Black Friday combat sports discounts to start a fun and healthy boxing training program from the comfort of your own home or take these bad boys to the gym. Find some for the kids here and get them started on the sweet science. Pair your gloves with these T-20 Coaching mitts to give your boxing sessions a new perspective.

Robust, exceptionally durable, wrinkle free, superior padding and packs a punch! The F55 Fusion Boxing Gloves are the ultimate weapon for any boxer! These black and red colored, sleek boxing gloves are available in multiple sizes and are perfect for training sessions on the bag and coaching pads. Get these gloves on the cheap this Black Friday.

Kits, Uniforms and Gi’s

Starpro's Judo kits are lightweight and incredibly durable, allowing you to remain flexible while grappling on the mats with your opponent. You won't have to worry about wear and tears with these kits! Available in either blue or a brilliant white. Get either the 250G Judo gi which comes with a complimentary white belt or the somewhat heavier 350G Judo gi this fall, taking full advantage of our up to 50% off Black Friday sale.

Starpro’s stunning pearl white, breathable, lightweight and resilient Karate kit, the perfect companion for any experienced Karateka and even for those just starting their Karate classes. Available in sizes for both adults and kids, pair your new gi with the FL300 Karate belt to turn heads at your local dojo.

Starpro’s pearl weave preshrunk BJJ gi, won’t have you worrying about shrinkage, and as with all our kits, these gis are lightweight and durable making sure they last you longer than the rest. Get these gis in white, blue or black and in sizes A0 through A5. Steal the finest gi this Black Friday sale, and you'll find yourself killing it on the mats in the finest gear on the market.


Aspiring Ultimate Fighter? We’ve got the perfect MMA gloves for you! The F55 Fusion MMA gloves provide superior grip and dexterity allowing you to get the upper hand in grapples and to get your opponent into locks they can’t escape. If submissions aren’t your thing, these bad boys will pack a punch leaving your opponent knocked out cold all the while protecting your hands from any damage!

Get the most high-end combat gear for a fraction of the cost this fall with our Black Friday sales with up to 50% off! Hurry on here to get your gear for the year sorted!