More effective mitts training

Boxing is a combat sport that demands focus and strength to learn the techniques, and one needs focus mitts drills, which will make you improve punching technique, defense, and fight strategies while increasing speed and hand-body coordination.

 Boxing mitts are also there to assist in training, especially sparring, to develop good punch combos and defensive movements. Mitt's work can impact your boxing training significantly by polishing the skills to last fast-paced punches. Usually, the fighters spend years refining their skills and learning how to make new moves. 

Punch mitt training must be a common practice throughout Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts training to practice actual actions. Moreover, one cannot hang punch mitts by the ceiling, so anyone needs to hold them for the boxer to practice. But it is also an art to keep the mitts properly that one should learn and practice. 

Here we will go through some essential tips on how to get the most out of a mitt work drill. 

Consider the goals of a puncher

Anyone planning for any training must set specific goals before starting any training session. While practicing through punch mitts, one can train even better than any heavy bag training or shadowboxing. Through focus mitts, any practitioner can focus on rhythm, precision, and defensive skills along with maintaining balance. 

Setting the goals will help you develop the tone of mitt work training, and one must discuss it with the partner to achieve what you want from the drill sessions. It will help your partner place the mitts in the correct position, and you will get the best training opportunity. 

Keep mitts tight

One must start mitt work while keeping mitts close to your face and tight together, as your opponent will be aiming at your face and head. Placing the mitts close to your body outline and managing to keep your elbows near your body will make you comfortable with the mitts. 

Practice various combinations that will make you defend other areas of your body while sticking to a defensive position. 

For a Straight Punch

Position the mitts at the height of the forehead, on either side of your head. At the same time, keep a distance of a few inches at the front and keep the angle of the mitt slightly inward. 

For a hook

Keep the mitt perpendicular to the torso and turn it inwards. For this purpose, grasp the mitts at eye height for headshots and then at the spine's size for the torso's blows. 

For Uppercut

Keep the mitt pads facing the floor while keeping an angle slightly up, and the height should be at the chin. 

Make it realistic

Do not start with unrealistic abundant fast punches, but focus on learning the reflexes and building power muscle memory. One can achieve this by slow, realistic, and straightforward drills repeated throughout your training. 

Boxing training requires you to sharpen the techniques before adding speed. Hold the mitts up and keep your feet on the floor to deal with incoming punches and respond accordingly. 

Body shots and Counters

Numerous drills aim to improve the reflexes of any practitioner as the mitt holder will go for body shots targeting each side of your body, and you need to cover the block. One can block the shot; after the counters, the fighter will continue 1-2 combinations and then wait for the mitt holder to provide any next counter opportunity.

Mitt holder must change his positions to create several types of body shots to target your 1-2 combinations. 

Please keep it simple

While starting your boxing mitts training, focus on building primary muscle memory. Start working on simple punches like the jab and cross. One must practice aiming at different targets, including the head and areas of the abdomen. One should not focus on speed and power but work on the fundamentals of the techniques to develop as a boxer. 

Moreover, always start slowly to nail your techniques and build well to avoid any mishap or accidental contact. 

A Final Note: 

One of the great things is practicing mitts is they make you a better fighter at timing, which will help you in good boxing defense. Focus mitts training will make you adept in timing, techniques, and learning to work at a slower pace. 

Be firm on impact, be fluid and loose, and resist when needed; all these things one can learn by mitt practice. We must guide you here about using good equipment as buying just the cheapest products won't let you reap economic rewards in the long run. To attain the feature of longevity among boxing products, investing in better equipment other than boxing gloves is worthwhile. Check Starpro combat gear for quality boxing mitts and focus mitts on practicing well.