Quarantine boxercise: How to get started?

By now, everyone is aware of the current situation of the world as Coronavirus is not sparing any country or any part of the world. With its reach to over 200 countries now, it has become a pandemic and everyone across the world is requested to quarantine and not leave their homes unnecessarily. The death toll reaching 97,000 now, people are scared, confused and anxious at the same time. The entire world has been pushed into lockdown and there is no way to defeat it at the moment other than containment. People staying inside their homes are looking for activities to stay updated and active and this article is for all the workout freaks who cannot go to the gym in this situation. 

Curling up on the couch is not going to fix coronavirus issues, gym closures, self-isolation, and social distancing. It is time to boxercise and strengthens your immune system.

Boxing is one of the most practical fitness trends and it has been made a part of several workouts. From core to the entire body, it sculpts and shapes every muscle. In the case of quarantine workouts, cardio kickboxing and aerobics are quite eminent and they can be practiced by anyone and that too while staying at home. It is the responsibility of every person on this planet to stay inside and support each other in containing this challenging global pandemic.

Why has boxercise become the talk of the town?

Since people are prohibited to go to the gym, they have limited options to stay fit because many of us tend to be lazy and rely on Netflix to kill our time. Boxercise is better as compared to regular exercise because it supports and strengthens your immune system and it keeps you in good shape. It also boosts your mood leading to lower stress levels. Many people are posting their quarantine workout videos online and they are using various boxing equipment in their routine to stay healthy, strong and fit.

The world seems a bit out of control and this is the perfect time to take control of your physical and mental health.

Boxercise tips: Get started!

One must start with 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each day. This also includes strength training which can be done twice a week. The major issue is not of fitness right now, it is more related to health. Many heart patients and diabetic people are staying at home who are faced with cholesterol issues as well.

This is not only about burning the additional calories as it is more focused on your wellbeing in quarantine. This is an essential thing because the current healthcare system is already burdened by the augmenting coronavirus cases and the last they would want are the patients with heart and cholesterol issues. Every person must ensure that he or she is doing his or her part not to overburden the hospitals by taking care of themselves and not ending up in hospitals.

  • To maintain good health, start with cardiovascular exercise. You can indulge in aerobic exercises as well for this purpose. This will strengthen your lungs and respiratory system.
  • Try not to watch too many videos in one go. research conducted in this regard determined that gluing to your screen for an hour reduces your immunity and you cannot risk it as coronavirus targets your respiratory system. Another research showed that one can have heart diseases and cancer due to sedentary behaviour.
  • Take baby steps once you start your quarantine workout. Do not overdo it as this can cause muscle aches and cramps. Take the age factor in your mind while doing boxercise and ensure not to strain your muscles.
  • People with pre-existing medical issues must get in touch with a trainer over Facetime to know which exercise would be better for their health.
  • If you can boxercise outdoor in your lawn or backyard, you will be exposed to Vitamin D which will strengthen your physical health.
  • Do not worry about being quarantined because there is boxercise guide that you can avail easily on the Internet.
  • Your app store is filled with amazing apps that provide you guidance regarding your home workout routine. In these tiring times, you can get great knowledge regarding boxercise. These apps are highly recommended because they are designed especially for this purpose and they take every dimension like your weight, height, and structure into account.
  • You do not need equipment for your quarantine workout as you can use household items to add weight to your quarantine workout.

The world has a great chance to be kind and empathetic in this tough and challenging time. This pandemic is going to be over soon but we have to be keen in terms of our physical and mental health.