5 Things to Know Before Buying Your First BJJ Gi

If you believe that you only need to buy a gi because you are a BJJ fighter, you are wrong. Everyone involved in martial arts needs to buy a gi. You need to follow BJJ gi buying tips as these tips are going to help you in knowing BJJ gi sizes and buying the one that fits you.

Nicholas Meregali highlights the significance of a perfect gi in every combat. He believes that every grappler must take his size and comfort into account while buying a gi.

If you are planning to buy a gi, make sure that you are not choosing premature wear and you know various BJJ gi sizes. You can have it in a different colour but the colour is not the most significant thing here. A grappler must be comfortable while carrying out and implementing various techniques from your arsenal. IBJJF tournaments have certain rules and regulations when it comes to the selection of the colour of your gi. You can wear black, white, and blue in your matches as per the rules of certain games.

Premium quality cotton polyester pre-shrunk fabric makes BJJ GIs comfortable and reliable. The cotton-polyester fabric is tough and tear-resistant to ensure the durability of the Gi.

You can get more information through the IBJJF guide to know the requirements regarding BJJ gi and BJJ gi sizes. It is suggested for all the grapplers to get a gi for their training sessions as well. Many fighters and grapplers train without a gi and when they land into the ring for combat, they feel uncomfortable in gi.

Weave kinds of BJJ gi

Everyone will have probably the same problem in choosing among the weave kinds. There are four main weave types but the brands usually call them differently so I will try to make it clear.

While choosing and buying a gi, the foremost issue is of the weaving kind. There are four essential kinds of weave that are mentioned below:

Single weave

it is the most common weave type and is considered the most affordable one too. It is an amalgamation of lightweight material and a reliable product.

Double weave

it is known as a durable gi. Many GIs loses their color and strength after tough hours of training. However, the double weave lasts for hours of tough training.

It can be understood from the fact that if your opponent is wearing double weave gi, using spider guard on him will leave your hands swollen and sore for a few days.

Gold weave

There is not much difference between a god weave and a double weave. Grappler would find it hard to grab and grip it but with enhanced power, the grip can be gained because it is lighter.

Pearl weave

Undoubtedly, pearl weave is the best choice between lightweight and toughness and most of the leading names are using pearl weave GIs. This little analysis shows that the one thing that is significant here is the durability and comfort of the gi. The trousers must be comfortable and durable. They must be tailored by gi experts to tackle the tightness issues. There are many other things like weather issues and the material of the gi must be chosen accordingly.


Every gi designed will not suit your style and comfort level because GIs is designed according to the sport. Judo will require different gi and BJJ will have a different gi. If you are a BJJ fighter, make sure the gi you are getting meets your style and the demands of your sport. Compatibility is the key while getting a gi.

Get the right size

You need to buy a gi that fits your size properly. If you will not focus on the right size, you will wend buying too small or too large gi and this will halt your best-attacking techniques.

  • M00: under 3 years
  • M0: under 5 years
  • M1: under 7 years
  • M2: under 9 years
  • M3: under 11 years
  • JR: under 13 years

From your height to your chest, every single detail is essential. The chart provided below includes every little detail that will allow you to trim and chisel your size effectively.

  • A0: within 5’1”-5’5”
  • A1: under 1.70m (5’5-5’8”)
  • A2: under 1.80m (5’8”-5’11”)
  • A3: under 1.90m (5’11”-6’2”)
  • A4: under 2.0m (under 6’5”)
  • A5: over 2m (over 6’6”)
  • A6: over 6’8”

Choose the right fabric

Gis are made of various fabrics and you have to choose to keep in view the strength and durability of the fabric. Gis made up of raw material are not recommended because they are not chemically processed and they shrink after one wash.

If you are looking for a premium quality gi, you must get cotton-polyester pre-shrunk 100% cotton as it is more durable, comfortable and hypoallergenic.

Suitable reinforcement of GIs

Strategic reinforcement is an essential thing is BJJ as most wear and tear has to be adjusted according to the style of the fighter. Starting from the collar, it has to be durable and trousers must be loose and baggy. This will provide enough mobility to the fighter and he will be able to grapple and fight effectively.

Detailing never goes unexplored

Detailing your gi adds more style and attraction to it. The tags and finishing of a gi add more value to it as it reflects the personal style of the fighter. This is something that fuels the passion of his fans and they try to follow the grappler in every manner.

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This product is ideal for intense training and competitions. Furthermore, it has the direct embroidery Starpro label at the jacket and pants which adds more beauty to the product. The products are high-quality and are available in various sizes and that too in an affordable range. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your gi and get started.