Top 5 benefits of being a southpaw boxer

Are you a southpaw boxer looking to list the advantages you have against the right handers or an orthodox one trying to study the mindset and how to best your lefthanded opponents? Well you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to list the top 5 benefits of being a southpaw boxer which will assist you in learning how they fight and how they can be so dominant.

Some background

We’d want to offer you some background information before we get into the list. Southpaws are left-handed by nature, therefore they lead with their weaker right hand. In contrast to an orthodox boxer who uses their stronger right hand to lead. More on Southpaws here.

The top left-handed athletes have always been a bother and a challenge for their opponents. This is due to the fact that it goes against the grain for most right-handed sportsmen, particularly in boxing.

According to research, between 10% and 12% of the world's population is left-handed, making them extremely uncommon.

Many boxers, in the past have been guilty of not wanting to confront southpaws in the ring as they thought they'd have too much trouble or risk losing.

Due to the unfamiliarity of fighting top grade southpaws on a daily basis, some of the greatest fighters who were naturally orthodox have lost and struggled against southpaws. Here’s a previous article we’ve written orthodox vs southpaw boxers.

Boxing as a southpaw

Boxing as a southpaw is advantageous since orthodox opponents are unaccustomed to it. Due to the fact that southpaws are a rare species in gyms, they improve and get considerably more conditioned to facing orthodox fighters on a daily basis.

Orthodox boxers, unlike their southpaw counterparts, struggle to hit their opponent since they are not used to throwing punches from diverse angles. Thus, boxing as a southpaw gives you an immediate edge over them. However, you should not box as a southpaw simply because you believe it will offer you an edge. Sure, mixing things up and changing one’s stance in the middle of a round can be used to throw opponents off. It is however, typically preferable to use what is available to you naturally. Are you naturally a southpaw or an orthodox boxer? More on that here.

Without further ado, here’s our list for the top 5 benefits of being a southpaw boxer:

Stronger and precise jab

One of the first things you'll notice about Southpaws is that their jab is generally superior than that of their orthodox peers.

As previously said, southpaws are required to spar with orthodox fighters more frequently than their own, thus they rapidly acquire get accustomed to the angles and types of punches employed by orthodox fighters.

As the orthodox boxer attempts to win and figure out the "fencing war" of the jabs, it becomes easier for the southpaw to unleash sharp accurate lead jabs, wreaking havoc and mayhem.

Lead foot advantage

The foot positioning of the southpaw is another major advantage. This is especially true for orthodox boxers whose footwork isn't particularly superb to begin with.

Known as the T-Position, it entails the southpaw boxer just getting on the outside of the orthodox fighter's lead foot. As they step within range, they are able to deliver a lethal straight cross. They may also hit the head or body with a right hook.

More conditioned to fight orthodox boxers

If you're a southpaw facing an orthodox boxer, it'll feel a lot more natural to you than if you're fighting another southpaw.

Southpaws' whole strategies are geared to fighting this way for the most part since they face significantly more orthodox boxers.

Opponents are more wary

Fighting against Southpaws makes you more cautious and wary of what is in front of you from an orthodox standpoint. Mostly because fighting against it feels strange at first. This is especially beneficial for Southpaw boxers since it relieves a lot of stress and allows them to express themselves more.

This implies they can put on the pressure and start firing shots while their opponent mulls over what to do next. When you're in the ring, overthinking may be dangerous, especially if you haven't fought many southpaws in sparring or competition.

Better at exchanges

As their stance makes it harder for an orthodox boxer to time their punches, southpaws are considerably superior at exchanges.

Orthodox v orthodox boxers, for example, will have more chances to land the left hook and will also be able to notice the massive right hand coming toward them.

For the Southpaw, the typical punching angles for exchanges are mirrored, making it easier for them to counter a right-handed fighter's cross with a powerful southpaw hook.

Keep in mind that orthodox fighters can outsmart you if your exchanges aren't swift enough.

Although there are far more benefits to boxing as a southpaw, what we can conclude from these 5 is that the T-position stance, the mirrored image to an orthodox boxer and the surprise element all work in great favor for a southpaw. Orthodox boxers aren’t at the mercy of the southpaws either, each stance has it’s benefits and it isn’t your lead hand or the positioning of your feet that dictates success, it’s your skill!

To hone your boxing skills, means hours of hard work in the gym and in the ring. No matter southpaw or orthodox, every boxer needs premium boxing gear and, on that front, we’ve got you covered.