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  • Five tips for more effective mitt training
    More effective mitts training

    Boxing is a combat sport that demands focus and strength to learn the techniques, and one needs focus mitts drills, which will make you improve punching technique, defense, and fight strategies while increasing speed and hand-body coordination.

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  • How to properly care for your boxing equipment
    care for your boxing equipment

    Boxing is becoming the most popular sport worldwide, so boxing equipment is the most in-demand. Additionally, boxing is a dangerous game; that's why any practitioner must need boxing protective gear to ensure safety. If anybody wants to get a lot of life out of their boxing gear, they must care well for it.

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  • How to wrap your hands in 14 easy steps
    Wrap hands in 14 easy steps

    Wrapping your hands will be compelling enough during practice and competition to protect your wrists, knuckles, and fingers from harm. The fighters perform well with hand wraps during hard sparring sessions or practicing any cardio kickboxing. Hands are very fragile as they comprise small joints and bones which can easily fracture from the powerful impact of punches. Moreover, hand wraps hold your hand together while supporting your wrists, fingers, knuckles, and hands. 

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