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Coaching Equipment

Coaching Equipment

Boxing Coaching Equipment

The student is nothing without the master: our high-performance coaching equipment makes you the best coach you can be. Boxing coaching equipment needs to be safe, light, and comfortable for the amount of time a trainer spends on their feet.

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Our range of coaching gear includes protective equipment for boxing, karate, MMA, and BJJ. We’ve got durable focus pads, coaching mitts, karate mitts and punch mitts so that you’ve got all your gym or dojo’s bases covered.

At Starpro Combat, we use premium materials and in-house technology to make sure you’re getting the best wear money can buy. With extra-strong handmade construction and stitching, as well as a variety of material choices including genuine and faux leather, we can tick your boxes no matter what you’re looking for. Prioritise your (and your students’) protection with Starpro Combat.