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Focus Pads

Boxing Focus Pads

The single most important tool in the coach’s arsenal, the focus pad is truly a training heavyweight: not only does this classic piece protect the boxer’s fists, it also helps to keep the coach safe from injury. Also known as coaching pads, these mimic the feel of a ring fight and hence help teach boxers effective combinations of offensive and defensive moves that they can employ in real scenarios.

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The hook and jab style of focus pad is usually the most popular type. These come in a variety of sizes: we recommend starting with larger pads so that beginners have more surface area to get their aim right with, and working up to smaller sized pads for more experienced boxers who know how to hit their marks.

Starpro Combat’s focus pads are lightweight and comfortable, and so won’t take a toll if you’ve got your hands up training boxers all day. Our range is constructed from both genuine leather and high-quality faux leather for different needs and budgets. Hand-layered with premium foam, the artisanal finish on our focus pads means they’ll stay in shape through whatever battering you give them.