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Double End Bags

Boxing Double End Bags

The double end bag is the closest you’ll get to a real opponent, without all the drama. This type of punching bag is as dynamic as they come, so if you’re looking for a workout that’ll keep you on your feet, you know you’ve come to the right place. The point of the double end punching bag is to sharpen the counter punch, which is a whole art form on its own.

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The manner in which a double end bag is suspended gives you the space to practice a wide range of boxing moves, so you can nail those jabs and crosses. The range of motion this offers is something you won’t get from other punching bags.

For boxing, double end bags are the right training equipment if you want to perfect your hand-eye coordination, timing, and speed. They also help you build that all-important rhythm, so you can fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

If you’re looking to get some cardio in, this is definitely the key: a double end bag has you running around, so you won’t know where you’ll land next. Get that blood flowing and burn those calories with Starpro Combat’s range of double end bags; you’ll emerge a better fighter to boot.