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Speed Bags

Boxing Speed Bags

A speed bag is a popular gym choice, but it’s just as great for a home workout: the lighter weight and smaller size mean you can take your training home with you. True to its name, this type of punching bag is generally used by athletes to dial up the speed of their strikes.

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Go for a smaller speed bag if you’re a seasoned professional and know exactly where to land those punches. For general training, a medium speed bag is usually better as it gives you more surface area to work with. A speed bag might be just the thing you need for a home workout, because these are filled with air, making them easier to suspend from walls and simpler to transport.

A speed bag workout is amazing for hand-eye coordination, agility, and reflexiveness. This type of conditioning means gets you ready to throw efficient punches in the blink of an eye. It also teaches fighters to keep their hands up, a test of endurance that really helps with those shoulder gains.

At Starpro Combat, our boxing speed bags promise you a dynamic, high-performance experience with the kind of durability that comes from using only the best materials and finishes.