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Starpro is one of the best Boxing equipment manufacturers in the UK, with a wide range of Boxing equipment. One can choose from enormous essentials like Boxing Gloves, including a Boxing set for kids along with a Boxing set for teenagers. Nonetheless, if you are an amateur or professional boxer, you can find various boxing protective equipment on this platform.

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Boxing is the most popular combat sport in this contemporary world and a symbol of fitness in this pandemic era. While practicing Boxing, we cannot overlook the importance of protection and protective gear to reduce the risk of hurt. Therefore, we ensure safety through our premium quality Glove set, Boxing Training Gloves + Focus Pads, Boxing Gloves + Headguard, Punch Bag + Gloves Set. All these bundles are there to enhance your performance and provide specific support that you need during practice.

Moreover, your safety is our priority beyond age group or expertise levels. According to their aesthetics, one can find every kind of Boxing set for 12 years old to Boxing set for adults in various designs. Our high quality, precisely crafted Boxing and Coaching products are there to ensure safety during intense workout drills or competitions.

What we offer precisely

Check out the Starpro Gloves set, where functionality meets style; meanwhile, comfort meets protection. Our boxing equipment, including boxing set for kids and Boxing set for adults, is durable enough and fully loaded with a range of special features. A unique combination of durability and comfort will dissipate the shock impact and make you train with absolute confidence. Boxing Gloves + Head Guard are superior quality guaranteed, and multilayer padding will dissipate the shock impact. The features like composition and construction ensure excellent quality and make our products a robust choice. An advanced comfort level and innovative features deliver outstanding injury defence and ensure unbeatable performance. Furthermore, Punch Bag + Boxing Set is for intense Sparring Sessions and ideally balance power and protection.