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Focus Pads

MMA Focus Pads

MMA is the meeting point of a variety of different fighting styles: only the best can master them all, and what it takes is real focus. Enter focus pads: the training tools of champions. Whether it’s kickboxing, MMA, or Karate, these are a one-stop training solution.

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With focus pads, it’s important to stick to a larger size for beginners and work your way down; this gives you a larger surface area to start out with so that you can learn how to strike cleanly and precisely. An MMA focus pad workout is sure to be dynamic and challenging: this is where you set your rhythm and pick up the practical combos you’ll be using in a fight.

Starpro’s focus pads are sure to get you in perfect condition. Packed full of features like foam grip balls, multi-layer padding, and sweat absorbent material, these are made with the coach in mind. With a hook and loop or Velcro grip and a reinforced wrist piece, your hands will stay safe and secure through hours of training and striking.