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Sparring Gloves

MMA Sparring Gloves

MMA sparring gloves are heavier than training gloves because of their generous padding: these give you more safety and insulation while letting your opponent really feel those strikes. Usually, MMA sparring gloves feature a grip bar to help your hand naturally form a fist without added pressure on your forearm.

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Like sparring boxing gloves, MMA sparring gloves exist to protect your hands and wrists from heavy, repetitive impact while also keeping your opponent in mind. The difference is, you still have ease of movement that is such an important aspect of mixed martial arts. MMA sparring gloves have a bulkier shape than grappling or training gloves. Their use isn’t limited to sparring: these gloves are great for bag work and mitt work as well, making them a three-for-one champion.

Starpro Combat’s sparring gloves for MMA are made by centering flexibility and durability, meaning our gloves have anti creasing technology and are constructed from a strong leather alternative for added life. These are meant to be an extension of your hand; let our sparring gloves give you the boost you need to win.