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Chest Guards

MMA Chest Guards

Did you know a broken rib takes two months to heal? If you don’t want to deal with punctured lungs and breathing problems, you’ll want to make sure you have the right chest guard.

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Feeling comfortable can be one of the most important aspects of a fight: if you know you’re well protected, you can keep your mind set on the quality of your performance. Good protective gear frees you from fear, leaving you able to unleash the beast.

A chest guard or body protector’s job in MMA is to cover the chest, ribs, and stomach, keeping them armed against impact. Not only do these keep you secure during drills and sparring, some tournaments for martial arts actually require you to wear them.

At Starpro, the chest guards you get are highly padded while still allowing you to maximise your range of motion: lightweight yet heavy on functionality. They’ve also got customizable closures so that the fit is always perfect.