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Head Guards

MMA Head Guards

In battle, your mind is your greatest asset. Protect it with all you’ve got by investing in quality headgear to keep you safe. You can’t put a price on protection in contact sports; if you get hit, there’s no telling how long you’ll be out of the game. The ideal head guard takes into account your competition or training needs, and gives you the best coverage and protection at the lowest weight, leaving you free to perfect your moves.

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The weight, padding and coverage of our MMA head guards vary: the open face style as well as styles offering cheek protection are the most useful and versatile. Your head gear will also depend on whether it is for training or competitive use. Training MMA head gear tends to be more padded and heavy on protection, whereas competitions set their own guidelines and dictate what style is permissible.

Starpro Combat is well-versed with your MMA needs: our collection of head guards comes constructed from highly durable vegan friendly PU or genuine leather, both of which can really take a beating. We use EVA foam for padding, which outperforms other varieties. Our artisans are highly experienced with extra-strength stitching, which keeps your equipment going for years.