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Double End Bags

MMA Double End Bags

MMA needs you to master several fighting styles and merge them together: kickboxing, boxing, and karate to name a few. This is no small feat, and the training required has to be killer to keep you up to par. Enter double end bags for MMA: these small, feisty punching bags really give you a run for their money with their fast-paced movements.

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Double-end bags are the perfect size for a home gym, and with their unparalleled range of motion, they mimic the dynamism and rhythm of a real opponent in the ring. They also give you the space to practice your strikes and hone them to perfection. The benefits of this punching bag are plenty: increased endurance, more focused punches, and better rhythm are just the tip of the iceberg. This is also the punching bag style you’d get the most footwork practice out of; a necessity for the kind of work an MMA fight demands.

A Starpro Combat MMA double end bag is the right choice for the mixed martial artist: with our premium stitching and high-tech construction, you get a long-lasting, durable bag that can put up with some serious training.