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Speed Bags

MMA Speed Bags

The purpose of a speed bag is clearly to improve a fighter’s speed, and agility is the name of the game when it comes to MMA. Mixed martial arts demand a fast-paced and energetic fight, so the speed of your punches can determine your victory.

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The benefits of speed bags for MMA are countless: a workout with this type of punching bag means you learn how to keep your arms up and steady, which might seem obvious but can be one of the hardest parts of a fight. The kind of conditioning one gets with a speed bag trains them to deliver fast, focused punches at the speed of light; highly necessary with the pace an MMA fight usually sets.

A speed bag is a great choice for training at home: its lightness and smaller size make it as convenient as it is effective. The fact that they’re filled with air further adds to how easy it is to mount and maintain them. MMA beginners should start with a larger bag to get more surface area; once you level up, you can start going for smaller bags.

Starpro Combat’s MMA punch bags promise you consistent performance and continuous durability due to our in-house tech and artisanal stitching. Put our MMA speed punching bags to the test.